A company for cryptocurrency investors to gain profits without sacrificing their time and well-being.

Our Company

Established in June 2016, is the first real hands-free trading solution dedicated to digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Using the best-decentralized technology available; whether you are an individual wanting to make passive income or you’re an institution looking to manage and grow your digital assets, we provide you the tool for automated trading that is trustworthy and transparent, all the time.

Our Team

We are a team of early adopters and digital currency believers worldwide who have deep knowledge and appreciation for the blockchain technology, seeing it evolve into new markets and industries we didn’t think possible.

Our Community

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of digital currency by providing a platform not just for wealth but also to help users gain a deeper understanding of Blockchain technology. We believe this is the future and we like to share and connect with like-minded individuals through events and forums.

Our Technology

The Infinity Trade Engine is a software, first of its kind to automatically trade digital currencies using cutting-edge pure mathematics-based strategy. It is a fast and straightforward approach to automated trading, eliminating the need for machine learning since the strategies are already embedded in the system.  Designed to adapt seamlessly to real-time market behavior and sentiments.
The engine uses a revolutionary programming sequence; incorporating advanced trading techniques like utilizing Fibonacci, Golden Ratio, and Pi. The base and support lines are continuously recalculated to adjust with the market, determine proper position entries, and bleed orders "stop-losses" accordingly: FREEING you from any emotional and technical burden.

Our Guarantee

  • Full Control - We, the engine trades for you but you stay in control of your assets at all times. The trade engine has limited access to your wallet through the API keys. You can easily turn them off with one click if you wish to disconnect.
  • Security - Security is our top priority. We use the world’s most secure exchanges, encrypted email services, and VPN’s to ensure privacy.
  • Profit-Based Billing - You only pay the performance fee when you make gains in your account. If you don’t profit, we don’t either. We use the high watermark standard so you will not receive an invoice unless you were above your previous high.

Customer Expectations

  • Payment - We are establishing a simple trust-based system. When you connect your API keys to the engine, you trust that the engine will perform. In return, later when you make profits, we also trust that you will pay the invoice. After a week, if no payments received, the trade engine will automatically stop and your account will go on hold.
  • No Interference - If you’re a trader, then you already know that emotions are your worst enemy in this business. From time to time, you may be tempted to get involved with your trades. If you do, the engine will need to recalibrate and sync with the market again which takes more valuable time as well as introduces more risk. Just let go and focus on the things that matter.


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Devon Shigaki



Devon Shigaki is the founder of, a website dedicated to people who want to grow their investments through hands-free cryptocurrency trading.  The bread and butter of the website is the “The Infinity Trade Engine”, a proprietary trading software that is based on pure mathematics which can adjust to real-time market conditions and execute complex trading strategies efficiently. 

Devon started his journey in cryptocurrency space by trading in Coinbase and Bittrex in 2016. To take it to the next level, he began automating trades using a cypto-trading bot called “Gunbot”. 

Devon also has his share of “ups” and “downs”, in 2017 he was exposed to the Ethereum flash crash which triggered a loss around 58% of his portfolio. Heavy losses like that and failures may deter most people from this business but not Devon, he managed to come back from this situation with the help of Dante and Tim. The three of them made the first “Invisible Whale”. This was the concept which allowed small traders to move in-sync with each other and benefit like whales. 

Devon’s resolve would be tested again after the hacking of Binance in 2018. He and his team went separate ways after such a huge blow to their trading system. Back to the drawing board, Devon started again with a new approach, trading leverage, giving birth to TradeMining. 

Devon has spent the last four years in the cryptocurrency space, developing new and innovative ways to generate gains from the market with lesser work and counsel investors to help drive blockchain mass adoption.


Michael Oliveira

Client Director


Mike Oliveira is the Client Director of Mike has a wide experience in sales and marketing. Once the VP of a tech company that helped businesses in their transition from traditional marketing to online marketing improve their online performance.

Startup companies need the credibility and publicity to be known and trusted by the people while established companies that already have an existing market still have the need to cope up or else they will slowly fade in this e-commerce era. Mike manages the people behind the creation, development, and maintenance of their online platform.

Mike’s specialty is Negotiation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Team Building. This makes him a valuable asset to any company that needs to build its customer base and partnerships in line. He has extensive experience in lead-generation and cultivation making the sales process under his leadership streamlined, fast, and efficient.

Devon, the founder of has met Mike 12 years ago when he was building websites and integrating e-commerce platforms for clients. Establishing mutual respect over the years and a common interest in Bitcoin would eventually become a solid foundation for the business.

Nicholas Lauver

Lead Analyst CRD #6545021


Nick Lauver is the Lead Analyst of, a company that offers automated trading service using a revolutionary software that can adjust to real-time market conditions to earn effortless profits.

Nick is a multi-talented individual with a vast knowledge of trading and finance. Having a solid background in technical and fundamental analysis, he started his career by becoming one of the two founding members of Bellevue High School Finance and Investment Club in 2012 which is focused on developing strategies and paper trading equities for long term growth.

In 2015, he passed several examinations including the General Securities Representative Examination, Securities Industry Essentials Examination, and the Uniform Combined State Law Examination. By the end of the year, he became a fully licensed investment advisor as well as a licensed fiduciary, managing and gathering his own clients at the age of 21.

In 2016, he was working with high net worth individuals ranging from young professionals, professional sports players, as well as upcoming retirees from companies such as Amazon, Boeing, and Microsoft. Working with them made him understand their goals and develop a strong financial plan for them.

One of his defining moments was in 2018 when he was hired by a private investment fund to conceptualize, create and execute a marketing presentation strategy that will be presented during UN Week in New York City. He spoke in front of hundreds of investors, scholars, and diplomats from all over the world including the heads of state.

Nicholas and Devon met each other at a technology summit in 2017. Sharing an interest in trading and cryptocurrency, the two would eventually reconnect in 2019.


Michael Shannon

Financing Director


Michael Shannon is the Financing Director of, a website made for people who want to grow their investments through automated cryptocurrency trading.

During his 3 years in the business, Michael has repaired hundreds of clients' credit files bringing their scores from the low 500’s to the high 700’s and then assisted them to obtain funding through credit cards and loans ranging from $50k - $300k. Michael has done these achievements by working one-on-one with his clients to ensure that he understands each situation properly so that he knows how to approach them to get the quickest results possible and maximize funding opportunities.

Michael has 3 years of experience in the credit repair industry and finance. As you know, repairing a credit standing is not as straightforward as it sounds, it will need different price structures and strategies based on the extent of each situation. Usually, it takes a few months for the results to come out but it is an agony for the customers to wait that long so credit repair work needs a solid financial expert to make it as short as possible.

Late 2019, Michael met Devon when he was working on “The Infinity Trade Engine”. By the time the engine was ready; he did not waste the opportunity and became invested in Bitcoin right away. Since then, he has been growing his personal portfolio hands-free!

Jonathan Jakubec

Regional Director for Canada


Jonathan Jakubec is the Regional Regional Reseller for in Canada. A website that offers hands-free automated trading using cutting edge software built for trading cryptocurrency.

Jonathan is an independent cryptocurrency margin swing trader with a solid background in technical analysis. Swing trading is a trading style that captures short to medium term price action movements in over a period of a few days to several weeks.

Jonathan has joined several ventures over the years which building him into a seasoned trader and a businessman. In 1993, he has worked in the construction and land development sector. From 1997 to 2013, he worked in the film industry as a purchasing agent. At the same time, he started his own Waste Management Company back in the year 2000 and then selling it in 2004.

Jonathan is a so-called “slasher”, it is a term referring to somebody with multiple professional careers whether it is part-time employment, temporary work, freelance assignments, or personal business. In 2013 to present, he worked in the film industry as a transportation consultant while 2019 to present, he successfully built and managed multiple businesses as he understand the dynamics oof interpersonal relationships.


Amadeus Hellequin

Regional Director for the United Kingdom


Amadeus is the Regional Reseller for in the United Kingdom. Amadeus started as an independent cryptocurrency trader with an admirable record ROI of 18,230%. This achievement is even more compelling because he only did for a short period of time, just in Q1 to Q3 2017.

Before entering the cyptocurrency space, he was a trader of metals, he did pretty well in that market but gradually moved to the new age model of wealth distribution. He believed that we are in the age of information and data where the currency is ripe for evolution.

Encrypted currencies offer security that the old systems will not be able to compete with. He knew that this is the future when UNICEF, the United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide used a smart token (ETH) and smart contract platform (Ethereum) to ensure that the millions of dollars in aid reached Syrian refugees back in 2017. In 1970's, we moved from metal to paper, now we move from paper to data. Trusted yet misunderstood. Secure, yet public where required.

Amadeus yearns to help deserving clients achieve wealth as an act of service. The joy he feels in the process is a reward that money cannot buy. This endless cycle of helping, and being rewarded is the reason why he is a part of this team at TradeMining.



As the lead analyst and algorithmic strategist, Tim was tasked with making sure that the traders and developers were properly setting up the strategies the trade engine would execute in real time.




Learning about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading while growing with the company as the Marketing Director, Masha was able to help Devon communicate to the power of  the Trade Engine to retail investors.



Being our lead trader, it was Dante's responsibility to mitigate as much risk as possible while monitoring account activity and manually overriding the trade engine when necessary.



Starting off as a client, Hans soon had much value to offer. He was able to teach Devon & Tim to rethink the market and the initial approach the engine would take. Be first to market.



Before the engine, we utilized signals. Jon built the web socket, the heart of the engine from the ground up coding in C# allowing the engine to operate many accounts without error.



The young & ambitious Crypto Advisor. He runs a successful crypto youtube channel but more importantly Adrien was able to show us the value of social medias' reach in cryptocurrency.



As our very first Creative Director Will helped pioneer the original feel of the company at its inception. With over two decades of experience he was able to deliver our original slide deck.



When we first started building the Infinity Trade Engine, Christina was our first client director helping us build the onboarding process and develop our brand with the public.

Brand Inc.


Sophie Wilder

Easy onboarding process, but my absolute favorite part is that I remain in full control of my funds. I personally feel much more secure holding my BTC at all times.

Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺


Gabriel Corintini

I have tried a few bots and to be most are a bit more complicated than I have time to figure out. My BTC is with iDEC. Hands-free was the main reason i made the switch.

Paris, France 🇫🇷


Marcus Clayton

I converted my IRA to Bitcoin and have been trading hands-free. I feel more confident with my returns and safety of my funds with iDEC than my IRA. So glad I switched.

New York, United States 🇺🇸


Koharu Suki

I’ve been looking for a secure investment opportunity. The trade engine allows me to tap into a powerful investment opportunity without giving up control.

Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵


Makenna Abara

I invested to Bitcoin before knowing about iDEC's trade engine and was trading with a bot "hands-free". The engine is the real set and forget solution that I  needed.

Nigeria, West Africa 🇳🇬


Thomas Hardley

I enjoy building my own portfolio while earning 5% of all of my referrals. By far the best passive income I've ever had. Let's keep things transparent for everyone like iDEC.

London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Fenna Jansen

I was a bit weary trying another trading product as I have liquidated my account trying various bots and scripts. The engine is unlike anything, you just sit back and accumulate.

Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱


Diego Antonio

I used to day trade, but could not keep up with a market that never sleeps. I almost gave up until I was referred to the infinity trade engine. Best way to gain BTC with no efforts.

Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸


Malik Khan

The Trade Engine has seriously freed me from the stress and time I was spending daily monitoring the market. Plus, Im making more profits than I EVER did trading on my own.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪