In traditional investing you give up control over your investments to a broker who then trades on your behalf. This leaves the clients in the dark and risking complete loss of investment due to unethical practices. It’s natural to expect high gains, it is why you invest. But you’ll get shocked by the amount of people that lose their money instead of gaining. This is not because of the market but mainly on the unethical practices of the brokers.

Common Unethical Practices Window Dressing. It is the manipulation of the reports to make it look good. When the quarterly report is near and the performance seems repelling, brokers quickly sell the investments that had big losses, replacing them with new ones that are expected to produce short term gains to cover up the losses. 

Although this practice looks okay and might not impact on the short-term, it can be very dangerous in the long-term. 

Churning. This is the habit of making way too many trades than necessary for the purpose of generating broker commissions. The accumulated losses and fees pile up and will rip you off, bigtime. If the trades win on the other hand, you should be gaining but the taxes are gonna be enormous as well, eating up your profits. So, whatever the outcome of the trades, the clients lose. Stay in Control
Unethical practices can only occur when brokers have full authority over your account and you have no constant communication with them. It is best that you should always maintain control and awareness on what’s going on with your investment. 
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