The trade engine doesn’t need to hold your bitcoin to trade it. Instead, it uses API technology to connect your account to the power of the Infinity Trade Engine. This allows users to stay in control of their assets at all times. 

Risk Management

Risk management is a key to any profitable investment strategy. One of the best ways to manage risk is to have a strategic stop-loss per trade so that your account is protected in case the market tanked. The trade engine does this for you while you monitor your investments in real-time. 

In contrary, if you hire a broker to trade on your behalf, you don’t know what’s going on most of the time except during quarterly reporting. This results to anxiety and unnecessary worries in-between reports.

Performance Analysis

If you have control and transparency, tracking and timely performance analysis will be a lot easier. This is very important to identify the real status of your portfolio including the current yield  against a target or a benchmark. You will feel more confident knowing that you can address any issues immediately.


Unlike if you hire strangers to trade for you, the trade engine works as a complete hands-free AI program that allows you to focus on life while keeping your information and assets securely in your account. You are still in control so you wont have to worry about any unethical and abusive behaviors. For more information, go to

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