When you don’t have control, you are blind with the results. Paying for something that yields no results is one of the worst feelings in the world. How can you free yourself from these situations?
Financial literacy is not mandatory here; most of us lack the time or the knowledge to do the trading ourselves. But still, it can be unsettling to hand over complete control of your investment to a total stranger.

Too Much Uncertainty
You must understand, it doesn’t matter if you hire portfolio managers or trading institutions who call themselves “professionals” with an astounding track record, there are still no guarantees. In a bad market cycle, even the best of them lose money. What’s worse? You still need to pay them!

Bitcoin is High risk, High reward.
Bitcoin still suffer from wild price swings on shorter time frames. This volatility can make staggering amounts of profit but the reverse is also true, it could wipe out a huge chunk of your portfolio overnight. 
On the other hand, traders love volatility, this is where we get our profit! You just need to know what you are doing and what exactly (Bitcoin) you are dealing with.

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