How to Create an Account using Kraken

A cryptocurrency exchange is like the stock market for cryptocurrencies. It allows people to trade among other cryptocurrency holders for a commission or bid-ask spreads. Security, speed, and quantity of trading pairs are the most valued criteria to select what Exchange to use.

To setup Kraken Exchange account, follow these quick guide:

Step 1: Setting up your Bitcoin Wallet

To start your trading journey, the first thing you need is a wallet to hold your bitcoin. A wallet has a unique Public and a Private key and works as a storage for your cryptocurrency. A public key works just like an email address, you can share it with anyone for casual transactions like sending and receiving a bitcoin while a private key is a secret code used to sign transactions in the ledger, providing a mathematical proof that they have come from the owner of a particular wallet.

We recommend using Exodus wallet. 

To create your Exodus wallet:

Open your Browser > Go to > Download (desktop/mobile wallet) > Install the software > Launch

Step 2: Buy Bitcoin

We choose Bitcoin since it is the most dominant digital currency in the market today with the highest value and trading volume. Growth and Liquidity is very important for automated trading.

To Buy Bitcoin:

Open your Exodus Wallet > Click Receive > Copy the address > Paste in the form below 

Just follow the prompts below and fill out the form, we will connect you to our partner and you can receive your Bitcoin in the next 24 to 48 hrs.

Step 3: Set up Proton Encrypted E-Mail

You need to have an Encrypted E-mail account end to end, it is the most secure way to communicate between yourself, the trade engine, and us. 

You need two E-mail accounts, one for the short account, and another one for the long account.

To set up your Encrypted E-mail addresses:

Open your Browser > Go to > Sign up > Select free plan > Choose any name that includes short or long so that the engine can recognize your short and long accounts > Create Password > Skip the recovery mail > Create Account > Enter Captcha > Click Complete Setup > Finish 

Then you need to do the steps again for the second email account.

Step 4: Setup Proton VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that gives you privacy and anonymity online by creating a private network out of your existing public internet connection. VPN hides your real IP address so your activities are hidden and it allows you to customize your location via IP. Virtually you can be in another country without having to get up your seat.

To set up your VPN:

Open your Browser > Go to > Get Proton VPN Now > Select Free plan > Login using your proton E-mail > Downloads > download the software based on your operating system > Install > Launch 

On the VPN, Select Netherlands then Connect, you need to set your location to the Netherlands since the trade engine is in the Netherlands. You need an IP from the same country. 

Step 5: Setup Kraken Exchange Account

Make sure your VPN is connected before opening Kraken.

Open your Browser > Go to > Create your account (using your Proton Email) > Create a Username > Create a Password >  > Agree to the terms and conditions > Create an Account

Confirm your account by going to your Proton E-mail inbox and click the activation link.

To Deposit bitcoins on your Kraken Account:

Open Kraken > Funding > Deposit > Select Bitcoin (XBT)> Your BTC address will appear > Copy the BTC address > Go to Exodus Wallet > Send > Specify the amount > Paste the BTC address from Kraken

Step 6: Setup FTX API Keys

API key means “Application Programming Interface” key. It is a key primarily used to securely identify the calling program, which is the trade engine. So that it can access and remotely trade on your behalf. 

To connect the trade engine to your Kraken account:

Login to your Kraken account  > Settings > API  > Generate New Key > Check Query funds and export data, never check “withdraw funds” > Generate Key 

Make a note of your API key and API secret. We will ask for this information from you directly so we can establish the connection and start trading. Never give these keys to anyone else.  

If, for some reason you want to stop the engine from trading:

Login to your Kraken account  > Settings > API > API Key Management, find your API from the list > Delete Key 

That’s it, you’re done. If you have questions or clarifications, you can ask us directly at

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