Investing in Cryptocurrency

Trading Vs Investing

Why do people buy assets? Is it to show off, or to build more wealth? Studies suggest that people nowadays are getting more and more future-oriented and prepared for retirement, with varying reasons like accessibility, technology, and financial literacy. Thus, the debate on whether we should be an “investor” or a “trader” often comes up.

Investors and traders both seek profits from the market, however, the method of obtaining such profits are very different. Investors tend to buy the asset and hold it for years in the hopes of value appreciation while traders benefit from market volatility or short-term fluctuations.

Cryptocurrency as an Investment

One of the latest forms of asset is cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ethereum, etc. but the volatility or the wild price swings on shorter time frames spooks a lot of investors. The good news is, this volatility can make staggering amounts of profit but can also lose you money if not managed properly.

The decentralized structure of cryptocurrency makes it an asset that is out-of-control from governments and central authorities so the volatility is somewhat a “side-effect” of that feature.

Trade Engine can manage volatility, 24/7

The cryptocurrency market volatility is not a reason to shy away from this opportunity. The trade engine can manage volatility by being up 24/7 to monitor the market. With advanced mathematics and trading strategies at its arsenal, investors can relax and just let the engine do what it is built to do.

We encourage investors to “worry less and profit more”. The focus should be on the long-term consistent results instead of panicking about the rapid swing which will lead to stress and health complications. It is always about seeing results first. Learn more at!

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