The trade engine has no hidden fees or monthly requirements. We will only invoice you when your account is in profit and is greater than your previous high (high watermark). If you haven’t profited, there is no cost.
Hidden fees are not exactly something you don’t know about. It is shown to you but oftentimes expressed as a percentage which doesn’t seem that much to you at first since you can’t see the actual value that you will be spending especially how much those fees accumulate over time.

Depending on the type of investment, here are some the fees that are “small” but adds up: 

Management Fees
The fees used to pay the broker who manages your account. It is also called “Advisory Fees” which is expressed as a percentage of the total AUM or Assets Under Management. Oftentimes these are annual payments and could grow exponentially over time similar to what compounding does to your investment.
Maintenance Fees
The fees used to cover the costs of the tools used for research and analytics. The brokerage firms usually charge these fees annual or monthly.
The fees used to pay the broker during each trade, usually small but can accumulate since it is calculated as a percentage value of each trading size.
Experiences thus makes an investor wiser, which is why the most common victims of high fees are first time investors. 

Profit-based Payments are Better

It is always a good practice to calculate the long term values of each payments before you sign the papers, or yet go for those that don’t charge hidden fees at all! The trade engine only let’s you pay when your account profits higher than the previous watermark (accounts’ highest value). Learn more at

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